Joke submitted by Robinson Fiewor – 28-6-16

Nigerian guy living in Sweden smartly married a Swedish lady, so as to be legally certified with resident permit, but the lady was not aware of this. He lied to the lady that he is from Kenya because of the bad reputation of Nigerians in that part of Sweden. After their wedding, the lady returned home one day and informed the guy that she met her friend, a Swedish lady also married to a Kenyan and will like them to have a dinner together. The Naija guy was disturbed and kept thinking how he will get out of this dark spot. He postponed and postponed the proposed dinner until he got tired of postponing. Finally the D-DAY came, they all sat down in a restaurant. Our Naija guy was quiet and was sweating profusely in spite of the cold atmosphere of Sweden (-8C). The ladies asked their husbands to communicate in their local dialect since they are both from same country(Kenya). The Naija guy being a man of great savvy decided he will just speak Igbo, if the other guy didn’t understand, he will claim that he is from another tribe and region in Kenya. Then he started, “Nwanne a wum nwafo owerri, owerre nchi ise, I wu kwanu onye olee, daa? The other Kenyan looked up and replied “Ah Nwanne, ekele diri chineke, onyena asuru ndigbo uzo ha. E chekwe m na enwela m nsogbu taa. Abu m nwafo AHIAZU Mbaise . Nwanne birikwe o! They shook hands and embraced each other to the admiration of the ladies. Igbo’s no dey carry last. Igbo kwenu!

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