Bed Wetting – Shared by Toyin Okesanya

A man who bed-wets went to see a psychiatrist.

PSYCHIATRIST: Does a dream usually precede your bed-wetting? Tell me how it happens.

MAN: A little demon appears to me in my sleep and says, “Oya, let us pee”. Then, I wake up to see the bed wet with my urine.

PSYCHIATRIST: This is what you must do. If the demon comes tonight and tells you “let us pee”, just reply him that you have already peed.

The man left and returned the following day with tears streaming down his face.

PSYCHIATRIST: Why are you weeping? Didn’t my therapy work?

MAN: Walahi, you have worsened my case!


MAN: When the demon came, I told him I’d already peed. Then he said, “Oya, let us shit!” (Copied )

One thought on “Bed Wetting – Shared by Toyin Okesanya

  1. ufuoma says:

    Three pastors were chatting and from a light mood each of them started talking about their weaknesses and confessing what they had done in secret:

    Pastor 1: My weakness is that, i cant hold myself when i see beautiful women, in fact I have slept with nearly all the girls in the choir and quite a number of them have aborted for me…

    Pastor 2: My weakness is money…..eshiii…..i take from the offering and tithes every Sunday, as a matter of fact that new car packed outside is bought from offering money that i have been stealing over time…

    Pastor 3: My weakness is a special one, he started crying profusely and the rest two pastors started begging him to stop…. upon stopping he said i am crying because I cant keep secrets…so all you have said today BEFORE NOON EVERY MEMBER OF THE CHURCH WOULD HEAR EVERYTHING!!!!!
    HAHHAHAH, the rest two pastors fainted!!!!

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