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Announcement 29-06-16 – PRO

Fellow immaculate @heart,With  all sincerity of purpose,we say a big thank u 4  being socially,financially and economically responsible 2wards d growth nd development of IHCHS ’89 set. Our investment decision still stand nd gladly embraced by all.Pls, sir/ma,we appeal 2 all member(s) 2 try  play along wt ds economic obligation. In order 2 achieve d above mentioned,all member(s) ar xpected 2 meet up der financial obligation.D payments ar;monthly due of #500.00 for 12 months,making up d  sum of #6000 annually nd an annual contribution of #10.000.D summation of the 2 payments is #16,000.00k(sixteen thousand naira) only,d payment period is jan-dec,2016.D payment shd b made in2 IHCHS ’89 set account no:0199400260,(GTB).

NOTE:D 2nd reunion wl take place by december,2016;detailed in4mation on d program schedule wl b pass 2 u soon!

Tanx 4 being der always!

Announcer: IHCHS ’89 set.              Folarin Tope(PRO)

2 thoughts on “Announcement 29-06-16 – PRO

  1. ufuoma says:

    Follow up with the PRO announcement for the forth coming 2nd reunion of 89 set IHCHS in 17th December 2016…
    A research workshop first of it kinds in the history of recorded reunion of the sc hool shall take place this year!! 2016
    THEME: Career Path

    SCOPE: JSS 3 students

    RATIONALE OF WORKSHOP: Based on two broad domains – theoretical and practical benefits

    SIDE EFFECTS: Show casing of diverse profession

  2. ufuoma says:

    Operation rescue the state of Immaculate Heart Comprehensive High school Maryland Lagos, Nigeria.

    89 set alumni of IHCHS are passionately ready to restore back the lost glory of our school.

    Starting from classroom fittings to laboratory equipping….
    What joy is there to look back and see how deteriorating the state of one’s high school has evolved ..

    A school once known to be one of the best in the 80s in the mainland metropolitan areas with regards to academic achievements such as debating, science quiz, WAEC results amongst others.

    This been said, because we have a goal (i.e. to restore the lost glory of IHCHS) and strategies in place (i.e. ongoing plans) 89 sets are not merely wishing…

    we realize that “a goal without plan is JUST A WISH!!!

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