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A healthy balanced heart

A doctor explained that the human health is like a table. And just like any good table, it needs four equal and strong legs. If one is shorter or longer, the table is not balanced, and eventually it breaks.

Here are the four “legs” that keep our health steady:

1. Diet. 1st piece of advice on food is to be mindful of it. Think. Think about food and reducing empty calories, think about cutting back on junk food.

When you start thinking about what you’re eating, healthier choices start to become normal. When you cut back on salt, for instance, it’s not long before salty restaurant meals, which you once enjoyed, don’t taste good to you anymore. It’s the same with sweetness and portion sizes.

2. Exercise. Various studies have shown the benefits of regular exercise. Its important to note the term “exercise”—not physical activity. Exercise is a sustained activity that makes you breathe hard and sweat. EXERCISE should be considered like a prescription. In fact you can consider exercise like a drug; take it every day.

It is important to choose exercise that you’ll stick with. Also consider carving out a specific time in your day for exercise. This implies that exercise is not extra, but rather, a designated time for health.

3. Sleep. Healthy people have usually being shown to have good sleep patterns. Pattern being the key word. Good sleepers keep a schedule. They plan. They go to bed at a set time and they don’t have TV or computer screens in the bedroom. Good sleep is considered a daily prescription for good health. A great deal of research has recently linked sleep disorders, to many common diseases, such as high blood pressure, depression and heart disease. More and more, even before recommending cardiac operations patients are counselled to improve their sleep.

4. Attitude. Recently, a patient with a heart problem showed that his symptoms were gone simply by deciding to change his attitude.Changed how you approach stress. Being angry and worried gradually kills. Cut back on work; Take time for exercise and choose to see more of the positive in things. It was shown that about a month of these changes and the heart problem resolved itself.

Achieving mental health and happiness is not always easy. But the brain-heart connection is important. We have to understand that we are treating a human heart. Although there are lots of drugs and devices in the field of cardiology, Generosity, kindness, grace, and love are high up on the list of heart-healthy treatments.

Its also important to note that  each of these legs of the health table require an action plan. Health, like the construction of a sturdy table, requires an action plan.

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